We offer prompt and safe transport of goods from any destination to another. We will make sure that your goods arrive to its next destination on time and in good shape. We know how much your goods are valuable to you, that’s why we implement the most strict and the most efficient security plan to deliver your goods without problems.
We protect your goods like they are ours. And, we use our encrypted radio network together with our armored SUVs and the expertise of our security agents to meet or even exceed your expectations in terms of goods transfer.

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chauffeur privé

Personal Security Transport

Armored vehicles, professional chauffeurs and well- trained security agents; we put at your disposal the ultimate security combination for personal security transport.

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Events Security

Our well-trained security team uses foolproof security protocols to ensure your protection as well as the safety of the venue and the guests during your private or corporate events.

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Security services – 15 years of experience

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